6 Ocak 2019 Pazar

Fight The Global Warming

Our world is so important since it provides a stable environment for human beings, animals and plants to live in therefore we have to protect it. The world is going bad day by day as people are not doing anything to protect nature; penguins and ice bears are dying; the water is rising. Why?  This is a bad situation that the world is in.  How will the future of our children be? If we won’t protect our world a lot of bad things are waiting for us.

Global warming causes serious damage, maybe now we haven’t realised how bad the situation will become. Our main priority is to make profit, make more money and to fulfil our desires not thinking about how it might affect our future. I want to ask this question again: Why?  

We should start by educating our children at young age and include global warming in their school sylabus. Organizations such as the United Nations can assist school in training students. Through including this subject in our school system we can achive more success and the world can be better than it's current state.

On the other hand the governments also plays an  important role  to accomplish  this war  on global warming. Since the government want to produce more jobs and to reduce unemployment. This situation also causes global warming. Paris climate agreement is about global warming. If the governments want to fight global warming, a lot of people and animals life will be saved. We also have to think about unemployment. How can unemployment be reduce by our governments? We have to find a way. Now, I don’t know how we can solved this problem. Do you have any idea?

Well, what can we do for us?  should make awareness programs for adults. Firstly we start with corporate companies.  We know that corporate companies make social responsibility program. If these social responsibility programs are about global warming, a lot of things are explained by corporate companies. Maybe European Union can support this program. What do you say? :) 

Summarize, if we want to make a lot of things, we can make them. Finally we can accomplish.

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